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There are 5 Phases to the Web Development Life Cycle and each phase needs to be accomplished before going to the next.

Phase 1 – Initial Discussions

Contact the Web design company. In most cases this is one of the hardest phases for a lot of people. Not knowing what to ask or say is very intimidating and can be sometimes very discouraging.

Phase 2 – Paper Work, Question and Answer Period

  • Initial Discussions
    • Client Decides not to move forward – The process stops or…
  • Internal Study, Research is performed, questions, consultation
  • Proposal Prepared for the client
  • Proposal presented to the client for review
    • Client Decides not to move forward – The process stops or…
  • Make changes to the proposal, client signature – End of Phase 2

Phase 3 – Planning, Meeting, Documentation and Prototype

  • Meet to gather content and layout information of the website with the client
  • Project planning session
  • Project plan documentation creation
  • Identify resources needed and make assignments
  • Prototype of Website navigation and Layout “The Mock-up”
  • Mock-up presented to the client for approval.
    • Modifications made to the prototype or….
  • Client approves the look and feel of the site

Phase 4 – Programming, Content Authoring

  • Site design -Graphics, Content and Programming
  • Site Revisions and Modifications
  • Complete Functionality Testing
  • Client Test phase of site functionality
  • Final Testing and review with the client

Phase 5 – LIVE! and SEO

  • Website goes live!
  • Search Engine Optimization, Monitoring and Process begins…