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Windows 10 for FREE

Remember that annoying pop-up you’d always get a while back prompting you to upgrade to Windows 10?  Most likely you were using Windows 7 and were happy as a lark using it but that darn popup kept coming back over and over asking, or should I say forcing you to upgrade to Windows 10.  Well, if you find yourself missing the boat and wishing you could have upgraded but missed the deadline – good news!  For those who use assistive technologies, Microsoft is extending the deadline for those users until December 31st.

I don’t have any need for accessibility technologies – do I still qualify?

Have you ever used the magnifying tool built into windows?  Have you ever pressed CTRL + or CTRL – to increase or decrease the browser display?  Have you ever adjusted the mouse sensitivity?  Chances are, you’ve benefited from an assistive technology in one way or another – so yes, you qualify.

How do I get the FREE Windows 10 Upgrade?

I was about to buy a new licence after my computer crashed after previously upgrading to Windows 10 from 7 and since then certain programs wouldn’t run on Windows 7 therefore I felt inclined to upgrade once again.  So, I trolled the internet and came across this article from CNET explaining how to get the free upgrade for Windows 10 and decided to give it a try.  Voila!  Back in action and right where I left off saving myself a few bucks right before Christmas.  If you feel like you are cheating the system, then don’t – it’s all a matter of how to interpret the title on the Microsoft page. “Customers who use assistive technologies can upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost“.  Again, if you’ve used a tool that helps you use your own computer better – then you qualify.

Hopefully you are able to read this post or the one on CNET in time to get it.  Best of luck!