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Logo Design and Branding

A well built logo will be memorable, easy to identify and will have meaning.  Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Promotional Print Material

Increase your brand awareness with print. Business Cards, Rack Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Banner Stands, Signage and more…

Professional Website Design

Affordable website design solutions that will give you the control over your content.  We make the web design process simple.

Social Media Management

Creating and managing your Social Media profile is important and a service we offer.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest….

E-News and List Building

Expand your exposure and reach by building your company email list.  Broadcast your message and promotions to your followers.


Bing and Google AdWords

Advertise and promote your services.  Launch a PPC campaign and generate quality leads that can turn into sales and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Give yourself a fighting chance against your local competition with quality SEO services.  Deliver quality content and rank higher

WordPress CMS Training

Creating and managing your Social Media profile is important and a service we offer.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest….

Just a Few of Our Clients…

Charlottetown Police Services - Our City - Our Community - Our Responsibility - Charlottetown, PEI
Provincial Alarm PEI
Feast Dinner Theatres - PEI
MacDougall Property Inspections
Eastern Baseball Academy - Charlottetown, PEI
Markan Hardwood Plus
Brothers 2 - Summerside PEI
North Lake Fisheries
PEI RV Rentals - Sunset Campground Cavendish PEI
The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Centre
Land N Sea Tuna Charters - North Lake, PEI
Les Warrington Consulting
Land N Sea Tuna Charters - North Lake, PEI
Aroga Behavioral Health of Princeton
Bell Realty PEI

Some frequently asked or never asked questions we hear from time to time…

My website was just launched, why isn't it on Google?

Patience my friend, It takes time!  As a web designer it is our job to prepare your website for the public domain.  By preparation, this means following certain rules to make sure you have the best fighting chance when it comes to Search Engines.  Everyone has their thoughts on what the best practices are and how to get found by search engines.  The first step of the website design process involves planning your content, information architecture, images and

Secondly, a good web designer will include Search Engine Optimization for their clients to some degree as it falls within following proper guidelines and standards for building a well structured HTML page.  SEO for the most part is an ongoing process and is usually a paid service offered by web design firms.  Your website simply does not get listed on the front page of Google over night. It will happen over a period of time with careful techniques and SEO practices and monitoring in place.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is like paying rent.  Picture this, you live in an apartment complex with several other tenants – each paying monthly rent to live there.  You are entitled to shelter, a door that will lock for security and a physical address to show your footprint in this world.  Sames goes for website hosting.  Your website takes up a small piece of a larger pie.  The server is essentially a computer that does one function – serves web pages.

Each time someone goes to your domain name (dot com, dot ca etc) then it hits the web server that your website sits on and is then served to the person requesting it.  The website hosting service is essentially a means for the public to view your website on a 24/7 basis with minimal downtime without interruption.

How much does a website cost, I only need a few pages?

We get this question all the time.  People think that because you only have a few pages then there must not be that much work involved in a website design project.  Well, in theory that is true – but in practice it’s not.  Unless you are comparing a project that requires 50 pages vs 5, then yes that is correct and would be priced differently.  However, most small businesses do not require websites that have that many pages.  For the most part, a small business website design project is between 5 to 15 pages. Even if your website design project is only 3 pages then you will still need to go through the same design process and setup as if it were a 15+ page web design project.

To answer the question on how much a website will cost – well, it depends on your individual needs.  For example, do you need a logo?  Does content need to be rewritten or created?  Do you need video services?  What are you goals and expectations of being ranked with the search engines in the long term?  We usually like to ask questions and get a sense of what your individual needs are then give you a quote based on the answers you’ve provided.  Fill out our FREE Website quote form to get started.  No obligation, just honest feedback.

What is a domain name?

It is your dot com, dot ca, dot org, dot net address.  A domain name is completely separate from website hosting.  How it works is like this.  Your potential customer opens up their favourite browser window and starts to type in because they know they will get the best service around.  What just happened behind the scenes was extremely fast.  Let me take you behind the curtain.

You type in an address and hit enter.  At the moment you hit enter a request is sent to a computer which is usually called a Domain Name Server.  There are thousands of them around the world and they all talk to one another in order to keep addresses current.  The DNS computer will check it’s records (name server records) to see where resides, usually two or more name servers are in place.  The name servers will then direct the traffic to the website (hosting) server which will then “serve” the main page of the website back to the user who requested them.  Domain names are registered for one year at a time and are renewable each year.  We take the technical aspect out of domain names for our clients, we register them, coordinate the DNS / Name servers, handle transfers, modify DNS records accordingly and make sure it’s renewed on time and does not lapse which could risk in the loss of your company URL which would then be costly.

I'm not one bit technical and I'm afraid I'll get ripped off...

We get it!  People are afraid of what they do not know.  Everyone is scared to take their car to a mechanic and get raked over the coals for repairs they never need.  We get the same thing all the time, people are afraid that us nerds are going to take advantage of their lacking of technical knowledge.  With TDTSolutions you’ll find out very quick that is just isn’t true.  We have a great clientele that are more than willing to share their experiences with you dealing with us.  We don’t just build websites for companies, we build relationships.

PEI is too small and word of mouth is too valuable so we don’t take that lightly. We will be up front with our prices and our services and most times give you more than what you pay for.  We take the following phrase seriously – if you don’t look good, then we don’t look good.  We take you through the website design process and answer all your questions.

I need to get business cards and brochures made too, do you know anyone?

Yes, I do know someone who can do print and promotional material for you.  WE CAN!  We are a web design company that specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses.  We provide a wide array of print material for any type of marketing promotion you have.  Print isn’t totally dead like most people think – there is something about having a good quality business card to put in someone’s hands.  It gives a first impression and first impressions are important.  We can make various sizes of business cards, brochures, rack cards, post cards, flyers all of different coatings and thicknesses.

We even make vinyl banner stands and signage.  Your time is important and sometimes having a shop that can be the “one-stop-shop” can save you a lot of time shopping around or doing it yourself especially if we’ve already created your website as we can easily match your website brand with your print material.

Troy Fraser - Owner of TDTSolutions

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