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Custom Logo Design and Branding

Why is it so important to have a great logo design and brand for your company?

There are many reasons why having a great logo design is important.  Your brand is who you are as a company and how people will remember you and associate your services and products.  It is the visual identifier that people first think about when they hear your name, see your product or experience your services – good or bad.

You are bombarded with thousands of advertisements, logos, brands and marketing campaigns each and every day.  On average, a person needs to see a brand seven times before it will materialize in their memory.

What is our process for creating logos?

  1. We will first give you a questionnaire to fill out that will help guide us in the right creative path for your business
  2. We will then produce up to 6 concepts for you to choose from.
  3. After reviewing each concept, if none of the logos stand out as a homerun then we encourage you to provide feedback on what you like and do not like.
  4. We would then mix and match colours, font types, shapes with each logo offered and create a new set of logos.
  5. The process would then repeat itself until you are 110% satisfied with your new brand.
  6. Once you’ve finalized your logo – we would package it up into various formats for print and web.

By going through the logo design process, you get a chance to be included in the creation of your brand and you’ve also had an opportunity to help make it your own.  A logo should have a meaning behind it and not always is that meaning clear or evident to everyone.

A Simple but yet Powerful Logo Design

One last thought before the sales pitch.  Take a look at the FedEx logo.  At a first glance it is simple with two colours and appears to be text only.  Or is it?

FedEx Logo Design

Notice how the E and x are positioned where the space between them forms an arrow pointing to the right.  The logo was created in 1994 by Linden Leader & Lander Associates with a hidden arrow intended to be a subliminal message representing speed and precision.  Cool eh!  You’ll never look at a FedEx truck the same way again!  This is just one example how a text only logo can have signifcant meaning.

Sales Pitch

Ok, so now onto my sales pitch.  We know what it takes to bring together professionalism, branding, and a solid company image that makes you proud and want to show off.  We will take every effort to create a logo that will not only stand out but will be memorable for you and help put your business on the map.